News and Information Happening Inside and Outside of Benton County

12.8.2014 | 22:42

Benton county is located between Indianapolis and Chicago.  We are proud to be a mostly agricultural county with the richest soil available.  We are also proud to own the first wind farm in Indiana.  The wind farm gave our town many more jobs, lower property taxes, and the city council was able to pay off large amounts of our debt.  It also gave much more business to our local restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and even made an impact in our housing market.

Wind Farm 1

Looking to the future and conserving our rich soil is our goal.  We believe that keeping it simple and making small adjustments will enable us to keep up with the changing environment while keeping our strong Benton County roots as well.  It is no surprise to a Benton County resident that 93% of our land is farmland.  We have been blessed with dark rich soil that has enabled us to be the largest producers of corn and soybeans in the whole state of Indiana.  Our town is not only rich in agriculture but we also have a rich history of historic homes and buildings.  Many of our buildings and homes were built in the 1930′s and still stand strong and beautiful.  With the rich history of the town, you cannot deny it’s quaintness and personality.  If you are thinking of visiting Benton County, you will be pleased with the hospitality the town residents exude.  We may be a smaller town but we are large in heart and you will surely be pleased and enjoy your visit.

Services in and outside of Benton County.

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