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Dear Citizens of Benton Co.,


††††† For the past 12 years I have been proud to bring you this site to help keep you informed. Doing the leg work for you so you didnít have to. †I also deeply apologize for the neglect it has been shown the last 2 years. Since I no long live in Benton Co. it has been difficult to get updated information unless it has been sent to me. †I am also happy even in it neglected state there are still steady traffic from local people looking up phone numbers at the courthouse, looking at the district maps, using the links you may not know about to pay taxes and local utilities as well as people from around the country looking into Benton Co. BentonCounty.US has become the Official Unofficial Website for Benton County. †As of June 28, 2014 I will be ceasing operation of this site. Iím hoping before that time that I can finds a new caretaker to continue the work of peopleís business and keeping them informed, but if not the site will be taken down. Thank you visiting BentonCounty.US and always remember to STAY INFORMED it is your county, and ALWAYS VOTE!



Chris Wagner


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Born: June 30, 2006

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